Goodbye Summer


And good riddance!

Autumn, do I love it or loath it? I absolutely adore it. Or should I say Fall, as my prompt so beautifully describes it. It’s the time of the year where a whole spectrum of spectacular colours paint your walk to work, all food starts to taste of an essence of cinnamon and you know it’s just about time to pull out your favourite knit jumper from the back of the wardrobe.

Sadly, here in England, the trees seem to have forgotten it is autumn and the great big batch of cinnamon seasoning hasn’t arrived in my favourite coffee shop but it’s definitely in the air. The mornings are crisp and bright but a slight chill gives me a reassuring pat on the back, telling me that winter is well and truly on its way.

Last year I couldn’t get excited for the winter season, when usually it’s my favourite time of year; Festive joy, knee high snow and my birthday make it a stupendously lovely time. But having to work full-time in a retail company that was less than beneficial, finding myself stranded on a train home at 11pm on Christmas eve and being shipped back to work two days later left me anything but happy.

So this year I am determined to enjoy every wonderful moment of the closing half of the year. I am going to buy lots of new jumpers, stock up on a ton of gingerbread and hot chocolate and prepare myself for hopefully a lot of winter walks in the snow.

Fall is a great time of the year, it signifies the end of tough parts of the year and starts to new journeys. You see leaves fall from trees so gracefully, knowing that it won’t take them long to replenish even more beautifully. Besides I hate bikinis.

Here are

generic Google image results for this amazing time of year, just to exemplify how magnificent it is.

Autumn Hedgehog 1

Autumn-Leaves-and-Black-Cat-WallpaperHow cute? Besides, it’s almost time for Halloween and a good excuse to eat as much food as humanly possible, what isn’t brilliant about it?

Brace yourselves, winter is most definitely coming.

Demi Nicole

x x x 

358 days to go

Author: Demi Nicole

20 year old university Drama student. Desperately searching for a purpose in life after education by the end of the year. Is it even possible?

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